Mrs. Elson 9/19/14 

I am very excited to be coming into Mrs. Glabach's preschool to support the speech and language development of your children.  The following are some of the activities I have been doing with your children:

  • DRAMA TIME:  (Monday/Thursday) During this activity children take turns telling me a story.  I transcribe their story on my computer.  We then have an opportunity to gather as a class and act out the stories.  For the child who tells the story they get to choose the characters in their mini-plays.  This has been a favorite activity of the children.  We get many super hero and princess stories!It’s great to see their vivid imagination.  It is also a great way for me to hear their language and to help model use of correct grammar and articulation.  I also help facilitate and expand ideas when needed.
  • TALKING TABLE: (Tuesdays)In this activity, three children at a time sit at a table with me .  They reach their hand into a puppet toy called “Silly Willy” where they each get a turn pulling out an object.  We take turns talking about the object.  We talk about the senses we might use to describe the object.  This week’s objects included a jump- rope, phone, soap, and rubber duck.
  • LANGUAGE LESSONS:  On Wednesdays I will be teaching a lesson with a focus on the sounds each letter makes.  The importance of connecting letters and sounds is a building block of early reading.  Beginning sound awareness is crucial to understanding and learning the letters of the alphabet.Each week we will focus on a sound and practice listening and saying it in isolation.  We will then practice hearing the sound in words and short stories.  I will be sending many of these stories home.This week we talked about what it means to be a good listener and using whole body listening skills!
  • SMALL GROUP PHONEMIC AWARENESS:  On Fridays I will work with the children in small groups to reinforce the sound of the week. We will also use this time to do various rhyming activities.We will use stories, games, songs, and my IPAD to practice pre-literacy skills in fun, interactive ways.