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As the speech language pathologist, I was excited to come into the kindergarten classroom today to read a story and talk about specific, targeted vocabulary words.


By age six, children speak an average of 2, 600 words and understand even more-around 22, 000 words. 

  • Vocabulary size in kindergarten is an effective predictor of reading comprehension in middle elementary grades.
  • Vocabulary should be taught both directly and indirectly.
  • Repetition and multiple exposures to vocabulary items are important.
  • Learning in rich contexts is valuable for vocabulary learning.


Listening to stories is one of the biggest ways children learn vocabulary words.   I hope to be able to read several books to your children throughout the year.

Many of the books I will read come from Bringing Words to Life:  Robust Vocabulary Instruction by Isabel Beck.   (This is a book from the parent section of the Erving Elementary Library.)

After listening to a story three target words are selected.  These words are discussed in the context of the story and then expanded to other examples the children can relate to. They have practice formulating sentences with the target words.

Any time I do a lesson with your children in the classroom I’ll send home a paper with the book we read and words we discussed.  (Or as I get more tech savvy, I will put up the words under the kindergarten blog on the Erving website!)  If you can use these words at home in conversation with your child, that will help solidify their understanding of words as they hear them in multiple contexts.  
Thank you!
Andrea Elson