Kindergarten - 1st Grade Community Math Night

At Erving Elementary School we’ve been having fun with mathematics – during the school day and in the evenings!  After we met with the school committee in January, it was clear that offering multiple venues for learning would be very useful for our community.  Classroom teachers, along with paraprofessionals and the math coach and principal have planned and participated in numerous events all winter and spring. If you have any questions please feel free to contact me at
In the meantime, enjoy the pictures! 
:-) Polly Wagner

Math Night   ​Math Night   ​Math Night   ​Math Night   ​

Math Night   ​Math Night   ​Math Night   ​Math Night   ​

Math Night   ​Math Night   ​Math Night   ​Math Night   ​

Math Night   ​Math Night   ​Math Night  

Teachers at Erving have spent time delving into mathematics together.  We are doing this in a number of ways.  One way we find very useful is to visit each other’s classrooms.  We do the mathematics of the lesson together and discuss important ideas about teaching and learning. We then visit the classrooms in action and debrief our visit afterwards.  We’ve also invited colleagues from other schools to learn with and from us.

Math Night   ​Math Night   ​Math Night   ​Math Night   ​

Math Night   ​Math Night   ​Math Night   ​Math Night   ​

Math Night   ​Math Night   ​Math Night   ​Math Night   ​

Math Night   ​Math Night   ​Math Night   Math Night  

6th Grade Wax Museum 1

6th Grade Wax Museum 2

5th Grade Science Fair

Fifth grade presented their Science projects on Friday April 29th in the Gymnasium. If you did not get a chance to see them here are pictures of these wonderful projects that were displayed.

Great job 5th grade.

 5th Grade Science Fair
5th Grade Science Fair

All School Play 2016

"The Twelve Dancing Princesses"

All School Play 2016

Erving Teachers’ Association

Erving PTO

Joint Scholarship Application

Joint Erving Teachers’ Association Scholarship Fund & Erving PTO Scholarship Fund
c/o Erving Elementary School Scholarship Committees
28 Northfield Road
Erving, MA 01344

The Erving Teachers’ Association and the Erving PTO are pleased to announce two scholarships in support of the further education of a 2015 or 2016 high school graduate. Any student who attended Erving Elementary School is eligible to apply. We urge you to submit the enclosed application to be considered for the $300 ETA scholarship and the $200 PTO scholarship. 

Below are the required components of the application process.

Application Form: Please fill out the enclosed Joint Scholarship Application Form.  Click here to download the application form.

Official High School or College Transcript:  This will include all coursework, grades, and grade point averages as of April 2016.

Essay: Please submit a short essay that demonstrates your motivations and intentions for furthering your education. Include such information as:

  • your chosen field of study and why that field interests you
  • your career objectives, if you have any at this time
  • how this assistance will benefit you
  • why we should choose you to receive a scholarship

Essays should be typed in 12-point font and double-spaced.

  Please submit one letter of recommendation from a teacher or professor.

Criteria: Each of the two scholarship selection committees will carefully review all applications and will choose one recipient.  Consideration will be given to:

  • quality of the essay
  • academic success and the applicant’s commitment to his/her continuing education
  • dedication to school and community

The scholarship will be awarded after the documented successful completion of your first semester for use in your second term.

Please submit your completed application to the address above by April 22, 2016.
The Erving Elementary staff and the Erving PTO members are looking forward to hearing from you.  We all send our best wishes as you move into this next wonderful stage of your life.
Download the application form.




The Erving PTO has voted to sponsor one $200.00 Scholarship this year to a graduating Franklin County Technical School senior.  We have enclosed the requirements and application for your review.  If you wish to apply for this scholarship, please forward your application to the PTO Scholarship chairperson, c/o Erving Elementary School, 28 Northfield Road, Erving, MA 01344.  Applications must be submitted no later than Friday, April 22nd 2016.  

Scholarship Requirements:

  1. The applicant must have attended Erving Elementary School 
  2. The applicant must be a Franklin County Technical School Senior who will graduate in June.
  3. The applicant must be going to work after graduation in the related field/trade that they graduated in.  

Further conditions of the Scholarship Application and Award are as follows:

  1. The application must be returned no later than Friday April 22nd, 2016.
  2. A copy of the student's grades from his/her two most recent terms/semesters are required to be submitted with the application.
  3. Include one letter of recommendation from a teacher
  4. The Scholarship recipient will be given the award in the form of a gift certificate to the company of their choice to purchase tools/materials for their trade/field.
  5. The scholarship recipients will be voted on at the May PTO meeting and they will be notified by mid-May 2016.

Please provide us with a typed, double spaced, 12 pt font resume (include school and extra curricular activities) and a cover letter which addresses the following 1) why you chose FCTS for your education, 2) what field you are studying and why you chose that field, 3) why we should choose you as our scholarship recipient, and 4) what tools/materials you will purchase with the scholarship monies if you are chosen as the recipient.

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